Tuesday, July 25, 2017


My favorite place... CalAcademy

 Topsy Turvy in a Rightside World

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Ocean Sushi Deli, Revival Ice Cream

Beef Bowl

Revival Ice Cream 
This place tops pretty much all the artisan standards set by Bi-Rite, Smitten, what have you...

 Honey and Toasted Marshmallow Cream and Vanilla with Toffee Topping

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The French Laundry

....starts here, from Farm to Table.

 Hobbit Doorknob

 So it was hot, and I had a ladylike faint in delicate Victorian fashion just as I was going up the stairs (that happens to bisect the entrance, kitchen, and main dining) to be seated at our 2nd floor table. I was promptly and quietly taken care of by an army of polite staff and given space to recuperate in the waiting room.

Yes. I passed out in French Laundry.

To the right of the menu is a navy blue ice bag (matching the decor), which the thoughtful staff provided with both towel and water so that I could cool off. You have to wonder if this happens often.

Anyways. Delight is in the details.

 Menu for the evening

 Amuse - Tuna tartare in a sesame cone with cream

 Amuse - "Ritz" crackers with onion filling 

Oysters and tapioca with caviar in savory sabayon

 Sea urchin coconut pana cotta with caviar

 Slow roasted beet salad with blueberries, hearts of palm "essence" and...

Served with bread

 Foie with apricots and bacon served with 6 kinds of salt and...

 Served with bread

 Laundry codes on the sconce shades

A rendition of the blini - Salmon with buttery pancake, dill sauce and sweet tiny carrot

 Lobster with tomato chow chow relish (no dogs harmed), tomato confit and tiny hen egg layered terrine in the shape of little flowers

 Delicious buttery brioche with butter

 Chicken with spinach and crispy crust with gastrique, creamed corn and mystery herbs. That "brussel sprout" is actually...

 A ball of chicken leg meat wrapped in spinach! Surprise!

Steak with pepper and leek sauce, "tarte" royale of bone marrow and custard, Cepe mushrooms two ways. The caramelized mushroom had a crunchy and firm texture that was almost vegetable and meaty mushroom at the same time. 

  Lamb tongue with mushroom gravy, onion rings and potato. Not part of my order, so FOMO.

Once the meat courses starting to arrive, we realized in bittersweet fashion that we were coming to end of the meal . Like a good book that you don't want to put down, we started feeling a little pre-post-meal nostalgia and melancholy.

But then, French Laundry throws down...

 Cheese Course - Cheese on cheese gougere with walnut and gold topping. Super rich!

Dessert - Not one or two, but THREE served with white tea.

Bailey's Ice cream and foam

 Cheesecake with cherries, dill, and something pickled.

Layer cake with dark chocolate, chocolate puff, and lemongrass? jelly

 And coffee semifreddo

 With donuts

 Plus macarons, truffles and candies

 And a selection of chocolates from a giant cigar box. We chose Peanut Butter and Praline.

 Since we started a bit late, we were able to see the service in action between tables. Quote from the staff, "This IS The French Laundry..."





 Discipline and Organization

"A Good Dinner". I agree,

 Commemorative Prom Posing

Finally, delicious shortbread cookies in a take-home gift tin